Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh wow! It's here!

So, yesterday I told you that I had something cool, but it was with someone else. And now, it's here. I know it may seem like something small to some, but I am really excited. Krista Mettler, one of my favorite designers, let me make a quick page to offer to you all with a paper pack she offered on her blog last fall. I added a couple of embellishments I had designed on my own. If you've been reading my blog since it started, you'll recognize it right away. You can get the quick page here or at her blog. In either case, you should definitely check her out if you haven't already. Below is the preview. I'd love to see any layouts you do with this and I'm sure Krista would too. Oh, and if you leave a comment for me, please also leave a comment for Krista.

Until later...


Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad Blogger - That Would be Me, Not the Service

I have been highly remiss in blogging lately. Chalk it up to the holidays and not being home. But, I am here and there is stuff in the works. Actually, one thing pretty cool but since it involves someone else too, I can't say at this time.

Also, I am about to take down all the free*bies I have offered so far. After this, when I start selling, they will be available for sale only. I had a great time making them and I am still growing as a designer, so keep coming back; there will be new designs available.

Well, gotta head out, my foot is better (still going to physical therapy though) and I am getting myself ready for curling so until next time...


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