Saturday, October 28, 2006

A week of curling & a free*bie

OK - so too many days at the curling club leaves limited time to do other things, like make these bead strands and stickpins, but it is soooo much fun! I'll be curling 4 days (5 draws) a week and I'll be at the club 5 days a week. But I love curling and once I'm on the ice, the world and all its annoyances and frustrations just disappear which is great.

But, I still want to be sending out freebies at least once a week. So, here is this week's freebie for you. Four strings of beads in autumn colors and three matching stickpins. They're great for any autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving layouts. Hope you enjoy. And please, if you use them and post your LO somewhere, let me know so I can leave you some luvin. As always, I ask that if you do download the freebie, you leave me a comment.


Until later...

Edit: This kit is no longer available.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Disappointing Weekend

So, dh got the flu over the weekend... what a bummer! It meant we didn't get to do our big Skyline Drive hike and consequently no photos. So, I am hoping that a bit closer to home this coming weekend will still get me some good photos. I *am* doing that layout! I don't have anything else really except that the curling season is starting this week and we are very excited about that. When dh gets over the flu we'll be in good shape. I'm planning to have a blog gift this week so stay tuned.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A Thanksgiving Word Art

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (in the U.S.) and just over (in Canada), I thought a little something was in order. The preview and download link are below. Since Blogger shrinks the pictures, you might want to click on the preview to see it better. The paper isn't included in the download. If you download it, please leave me a comment. Thanks!


I'm looking forward to picture taking this Sunday so I can finally make the layout I though of when I made the fall word art. I'll post some of the photos and the layout. Gotta shout out an early thank you to Krista Mettler because her latest blog freebie paper pack is going to be used in the layout. If you haven't been to her blog (Skye Scrapz), you *have* to visit. There's a link to the right for her blog.

Until next week...

Edit: This kit is no longer available.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

A hockey night and wordart

So, my dh & I drove to Columbus Friday so I could see "my" hockey team (Vancouver Canucks) play live for the only time this season. Columbus was the closest to us that they would play. The drive up was beautiful, the fall foliage really beginning to look lovely. As so often happens, I got a vision of a layout I knew I would make. I don't have the photos yet; I'll take them on the 22nd. But I made the word art that I "saw" and you can download it for free. The preview and download link are below. The paper is not included. If you download it, please leave me a comment. Thanks!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the hockey game was fantastic, not only did my team win, my favorite player (not on the Canucks) had a fantastic start on his new team.

Edit: This kit is no longer available.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Night Photos

I'm not a photographer of any note; the running joke is how many photos I need to take to get a good one, mostly because my hands aren't very steady. But, last month I learned a valuable lesson in night photography. September 10 and 11 the Pentagon lit up the sky, one light for each person who died there on 9/11. I was determined to get photos of the light display so went up to our roof (I live a mile from the Pentagon) to get some. As usual in the dark, I turned on the flash. I snapped a couple of shots but behind me were a couple talking about turning off the flash. So, I decided to try it. Wow! What a difference turning off the flash made. My early shots were terrible and you could barely see any light at all, but all the shots without the flash came out bright and great. From now on when I take night photos of a lit area I am not using my flash. You can see the difference between the flash (top) photo and the non-flash (bottom) photo.

You can see the memorial layout I did with this photo here.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Autumn Treat: Apple Cider Kit

In September I got really excited about the ScrapArtist Apprentice challenge and thought I'd give it a go. I'm looking to start selling my designs and figured I'll never do it if I don't put myself and my work out there. So, I created a mini kit and submitted it. I knew when I designed it that it didn't fit with the overall style at ScrapArtist, but hey, it's my current design style. I didn't make it out of the first round but that's ok. Afterward, I added to the kit - some new papers (with a technique I picked up after I had entered) and a few extra embellishments (some of which I had decided not to include in the challenge mini kit) and offered it as a RAK at RAKscraps. The preview of the kit is below and you can go to RAKScraps to get it.

Keep checking back; I'll be adding new stuff and redoing older stuff that will be available here.

Edit: This kit is no longer available.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Testing date & time

This is just another test.

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